We can discover something important and mature when we meet a variety of wonderful poeple, experience the wisdom of ancestors that only the local people know, and enrich our minds through travel. We offer a new style of travel, where travelers and host residents meet and discover what is important in life, including hope for the future and affection for one's hometown.

Our Mission:

Through the stories of the host community, tourists and hosts meet and become happy. Understanding each other's culture facilitates the discovery of something important and enriches the mind. Those people who experience this tell the stories to other people. This makes more people happy and ultimately opens the way for world peace. To create such a community, “Raku-Concierge” has developed and proposes a new style of travel from Kyoto.

Our Service:

  If you want to take an interesting trip that cannot be experienced in a package tour or by reading a guidebook, you can find it here ! We offer you a new and unique experiences & deeper tour in Kyoto, which can only be realized with the local people. It is a marketplace that new styles of travel, where programs of the unique experiences in Kyoto are proposed by locals that include the attractive residents of Kyoto, in order to help you experience priceless encounter resulting in cherished memories, just as in the old saying “No road is long with good company.